Wintersong 7"

ADR's song is a cool, lurching , noisy, mid-tempo thang with dual vocals throughout that was the best song of all the records I've reviewed this month.

P.C., Maximum Rock N Roll, #143, April 1995

It is so nice to hear ADR recording again. Too long of a hiatus between releases had me worried that there would be no more. This Athens three piece offers up rock on the most pure form: as hard as they can for the ENTIRE song. "Wintersong" is too short. I wanted more distance but got the quality sprint instead. They pick up where they left off— power singing backed by riotous rhythms. Heavy Southern Ohio rock is in step with the times.

T. H., Moo, #10, March 1995

"Wintersong is so catchy you'll probably be humming it when you're soaping up your nasties in the shower. The music itself could stand alone as an insrumental, but with the melody riding on its shoulders it can't be beat.

Free Stuff, vol. 2, February 1995