Re-Released: August 2004
Label: Anyway  
Distributor: Revolver  
Format: Compact Disc
Chris Biester: Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitars 
Mike McGovern: Accordion, Banjo, 2nd Guitar on Rail Road Penny and Best Intentions, Backing Vocals on Rail Road Penny, Nite Lite Alley, and Wedding Coat  
Bill Stamp: Electric Bass  
C N Dillon: Drum Set and Additional Percussion  
Willie Perkins: Fiddle  
Chris Forbes: Electric Organ on Blackbird Song, Tremolo Guitar on Nite Lite Alley, Backing Vocals on Comin’ Around  
Produced by  C N Dillon and ADR  
Recorded and mixed by Chris Forbes and Mastered by Jeff Grahm at Diamond Mine Studios, Columbus, OH  
Cover Art:   
Illustration and Graphic Design by C N Dillon  
Band Drawing by Chris Biester
"The Mission"  
"Rail Road Penny"
"Blackbird Song"
"The Serpent"
"Johnny Come Lately"
"Last Lesson"
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